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Wines and Barrels Handcrafted Journeys – Unique Food & Wine Adventures, is a specialized company dedicated to Wine & Food Travel in Chile. Our goal is orientated to offer you a unique experience around this fascinating country and South America. Our dedicated team of Wine Experts, Travel Specialist, Chefs, Destinations Managers and Travel Consultants will be totally immersed on creating some of the most incredible and Travel Journeys.

We truly believe that over time, Chile has become one of the most important countries across the world in terms of wine production. Chile’s unique landscape and weather conditions play a key role for the production of high-quality wines. For us, it is without a doubt a wine paradise, offering an original, varied and enjoyable experience to explore the true “Taste of Chile.”

Our invitation is simply to discover the History, Secrets, Magic, Culture, Geography and Cuisine of this Wine Paradise, Travel with Us!

Welcome to Wines and Barrels Handcrafted Journeys – Unique Food & Wine Adventures!

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